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Hi.  My name is Elaine.  I’m known to be tenacious, hard working, and opinionated. The phrase “Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Elaine” is usually uttered after I’ve already done so.

I have almost four decades of business experience under my belt, starting in the oil industry in Calgary in 1978 with a geophysical data brokerage company working with seismic data.

In 1983 (thanks to PET and the NEP) I left the oil industry and started working for a company that was a rep firm for various manufacturers of equipment related to water and wastewater treatment.  In addition to being the office manager I got experience with everything from chemical feed systems, to pumps, valves, and of course sewage grinders.  It was a great introduction to a fabulous field filled with wonderful people.  When the branch office I was running was closed, instead of working for someone else, I decided to work for myself.

My company, Jelcon Equipment Ltd.  was incorporated in 1988.   I have held titles such as President, CEO, and ‘bringer of donuts’.  Most people simply know me as ‘Elaine’.

From 1988 until 2016 Jelcon was in the business of selling water and wastewater treatment equipment to municipal, commercial and industrial users in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, YT and NT. I was responsible for everything: from sales leads to startups;  banking; accounts receivable and payable; trade shows, and everything in between.  It was a busy life and it wasn’t unusual for me to be on the road for weeks on end, or working 60 hour weeks when in the office.

I have been married to Jim since 1982.  He’s the strong silent type.   We have a daughter, Kathleen, who was raised mostly by her father, and who grew up thinking that summer vacations always incorporated at least one visit to a wastewater treatment plant so Mum could do a startup on some equipment.  Despite her upbringing Kathleen has turned into a well educated, multi-talented young woman who designed this website for me.  Contact her here.

In 2015 I changed gears and the focus of Jelcon became knowledge transfer. I switched my title from ‘seller’ to ‘writer’.    If you ask nicely, I might still be ‘bringer of donuts’ too.  But I’ll always be Elaine.  And I’ll always share my opinions.

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