Elaine shares the knowledge she’s gained from over forty years of business experience, plus freelance writing she has done for others.



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drops1_webOne of the reasons I’m a member of SEWN is to enable and encourage other women.

An initiative being explored by the SEWN board is a mentoring program.  The CEO of our local credit union, the Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU), has offered us the use of a mentoring program that was developed especially for the Central Credit Union of Canada for the National Mentorship Program.   

We’re currently adapting this program to suit the needs of self employed women and will soon be running a ‘pilot’ mentorship program.

It got me thinking about mentorship in my own career. (more…)

I’m blaming gremlins

My apologies to anyone who recently phoned my office  and left a message, or anyone who phoned my cell phone and couldn’t leave a message at all.

Apparently gremlins got into both my phone systems (even though I use a different provider for each) and made it so that on the office phone I didn’t get message notification, and on my cell phone messages couldn’t be left at all.

All has been rectified, now, I hope.

Sorry, and thanks for your understanding.


Links to CWEA Articles

In my previous post “Opportunities” I talked about the commissioned articles I have written for CWEA (California Water Environment Agency).

Here are links to the articles I have done so far:

Utility of the Future – interview with Dr. Ken Rubin

Preview of a panel discussion on the impact of lower flows on operations, maintenance and future planning of waste water treatment facilities – interviews with Jon Wells, Seppi Henneman and Lisa Arroyo

Onsite wastewater reuse – interview with Peter Haase

Napa Sanitation District, Tesla Battery Storage project – interview with Robin Gamble Holley, Stephanie Turnipseed and Jeff Tucker.

Thank you to CWEA for allowing me to link to these articles.




Opportunities most often come disguised as hard work. 

Jelcon Equipment Ltd. came about in 1988 because I was given two options:  work for my existing employer, but move to Toronto, or stay in Calgary and work for someone else. 

I saw a third option:  become self employed and move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed selling equipment to water & wastewater professionals working at municipalities and in industry through-out Western Canada.



Website History

www.jelcon.com first hit the internet in 2004, as a simple website*.

A major upgrade followed a few years later adding all sorts of features, including picture galleries.

The 2016 iteration simplifies it once again.

Many thanks to Kathleen Connors for what you can see, and to Jon Pearse for most of what you can’t.

*Jon took the above picture from the stern of Nanaimo ferry when he visited Canada in 2004, and he used it as the background image on that first website.