“Why don’t you tell us what you really think?”

There are also links to freelance writing I’ve done for others.



Seeking Operations & Maintenance Input


I’m in the process of creating a non-partisan ‘Screening at Wastewater Treatment Plants’ presentation and I’m looking for a few real life experiences to incorporate into the talk. (more…)

Communication in a Sales Scenario

Many books have been written on communication.

Why? Because good communication is essential, yet so many people fail at it. Many problems in life are due to someone not hearing what other the person is saying, and then responding inappropriately.


My Uncle Laurie

I wrote this article a few years ago.  I thought about Uncle Laurie again today (the old family piano needs tuning) and thought I’d share it again here. (more…)

How to Listen

The question was asked:  “How do you know which sales technique to use on prospective customers?”

My answer:  “Forget about sales techniques.  Learn how to listen.” (more…)

Thank you to our 2017 Water for People Silent Auction donors & supporters

A big ‘Thank you’ to the following businesses and individuals who supplied auction items for our 2017 Silent Auction at the BCWWA Conference in Victoria, May 28-29:

Ramtech Environmental Products

Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP)

Heather Reynolds




Neptune Technology Group (Canada) Ltd.

Fortis BC

Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation

Thompson Rivers University

Waste ‘n Watertech

Northlands Water & Sewer Supplies Ltd.

MP Supply Inc. (Peter Turgoose)

Coast Water Systems

Jennifer Crosby

AWI Filter

Four Star Waterworks Ltd.

Sponsor of our ‘Count the Candy‘ jar was Lunula Environmental Consulting.

Thanks to their generosity, and the generosity of those who bid on, and won, the items, we raised $1800 for Water for People – Canada.

A special thank you goes to Kerr Wood Leidel Engineering who came up with a fun and innovative ‘collect all the pieces’ jig saw puzzle game.  Three winners each received charitable donation receipts for $500, meaning that an additional $1500 was contributed to Water for People – Canada.

And last, but not least, a huge thank you to the BCWWA Conference organizers, who provided us with space to hold the Silent Auction.

It was great to see everyone in Victoria.

Thank you from the entire BC Committee, Water for People-Canada.

Water for People-Canada – Silent Auction, 2017 – BCWWA Victoria

The BC Committee, Water for People-Canada, is pleased to announce we will hold our annual SILENT AUCTION in conjunction with the BCWWA Conference & Trade Show in Victoria, BC, May 28-29, 2017. (more…)

Greed and Fear

Finally, someone in power has said the words.  And it wasn’t Donald Trump. It was Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking to the elite in Europe.

Complete CTV News story.

“No more brushing aside the concerns of our workers and our citizens,” the prime minister said in prepared remarks. “We have to address the root cause of their worries, and get real about how the changing economy is impacting peoples’ lives.”

“When companies post record profits on the backs of workers consistently refused full-time work — and the job security that comes with it — people get defeated,”

“For business leaders, it’s about thinking beyond your short-term responsibility to your shareholders,” 

“It’s time to pay a living wage, to pay your taxes. And give your workers the benefits — and peace of mind — that come with stable, full-time contracts.”


Five Reasons I Will Never Write a Bestseller

Often, when I’m talking to people, they comment that I should write a book. I choose to perceive this as “You’re so interesting, you should share this information with the world,” rather than “You’re boring me to tears, please go lock yourself away in a room for five years.”

The best thoughts come in the shower. So in the shower the other day I was contemplating “What would I write about if I wrote a book?” (more…)

A tale of two techs

“Attitude is Everything” or “Find the joy in any job”

When I was selling large mechanical pieces of equipment, the final step in the process was ‘startup’ and ‘maintenance training’.  Most of the time I would do this myself, but occasionally, for larger, more complex equipment, I would need to bring in a technician from the factory.

Over the years I worked with many factory techs.  With few exceptions they were knowledgeable, hard working and dedicated, and would not leave the job site until the equipment was running properly and the operators at the site were fully trained.

Today’s story is about two technicians.  I’ll call them Darrell and Daryl.